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14.Information Security Protection or Privacy, Database and Direct Mail

14.1. The personal information provided by the User will be subject to the Company's privacy policy, as set forth hereafter:

14.1.1. In the course of the User’s Use of the Website, the Third-Party Services or any services provided by the Company (including the Invoice Services), the User may be required to provide the Company with various personal data, or this data may be collected in respect of the User, including sensitive information (the “Personal Data”). 

14.1.2. You are aware that you are under no legal obligation to provide the Personal Data; however, it is possible that, if you do not provide the Personal Data, the Company will be able to render any Services to you, including the sale of the Company’s products. 

14.1.3. The Personal Data that you may be required to provide to the Company are that may be collected about you may include the following: (a) your full name; (b) your ID number; (c) your e-mail address; (d) your credit card information; (e) your consumer habits and behavior; (f) if you are a Business User – your place of employment and position (g) your personal phone number.

14.1.4. The User undertakes to provide only their personal details, in their correct and accurate form. Information may not be provided on behalf of third parties or for third parties, unless such applicable third party and the Company have granted their explicit consent.

14.1.5. The information provided by the User shall not be delivered to any third party except in the following cases: (a) If it is required to do so by judicial order or by law; (b) If you receive a warning that legal action has been instituted against it for actions performed by the User, a claim, lawsuit, demand or legal proceedings, if existing, between the User and the Company; (c) If the Company organizes its activities within the framework of another body, including a merger with another entity or a merger of activity. In such a case, the Company shall ensure that the third party into which the Company is merged shall accept upon itself the provisions of this Privacy Policy; (d) If a claim is raised or a suspicion arises at the Company, that the User committed an act or omission that harm or may harm the Company or anyone acting on its behalf or any third parties; (e) If a claim is raised or a suspicion arises at the Company, that the User made or used the site for the purpose of carrying out an illegal act or to encourage the execution of such an act; (f) If a claim is raised or a suspicion arises at the Company, that the User violated any of the terms of the regulations or any agreement with a Company or with anyone on its behalf; (g) If and to the extent required for the Company's operations, such as the transfer of details to an importer, to credit card companies (all for the purpose of performing the services), to computing and cloud storage service providers, to employees, subcontractors and other entities who are partners in or involved in the activities of the Company. Users shall not have any claim or demand against the Company in connection with the delivery of their details as mentioned and they hereby waive any such claim or lawsuit.

14.1.6.Submission of the Personal Data constitutes the User's consent that his details and any data obtained on the basis of an analysis of these details and any information about him that has reached or will reach the Company will be held in one or more databases of the Company or anyone acting on its behalf, Including abroad, and that such information shall be used in accordance with the following purposes: (a) for the purposes of operating the Website and ordering products through the Website; (b) for the purposes of marketing, advertising, sales promotion and sales, and for the purpose of contacting the User in any manner, including by way of direct mail in any means of media that it deems fit; (c) for the purpose of conducting surveys and any other online use in connection with a marketing issue; (d) for internal needs, such as the need to investigate complaints, prevention of frauds, the security of the services and other operational objectives; and (e) for the purposes of direct-mailing marketing and advertisement materials; (f) for the purpose of providing services to the User, including for the transfer of Digital Receipts – both at the time of purchase and for future purchases and (g) for the purpose of analysis and delivery of statistical information to third parties. In this case, the data will not include any personal information that can identify the User.

4.1.7. The user agrees and is aware that the company may transfer the information held in the databases to the company's databases abroad.

14.1.8. In addition to the Personal Information provided by the User, during the User's use of the Website or the receipt of certain services from the Company (including Invoice Services), additional anonymous information may be collected or deduced regarding the User, which does not personally identify the User, including consumer information, behavioral information, consumption habits. sex and age, place of residence, personal preferences, etc. ("Anonymous Information").

14.1.9. You hereby grant the Company irrevocable and unconditional permission to make use of information that you provided the Company in the course of registering, in the course of browsing the Website or in the course of purchasing a Company’s product (including for the performance of the Invoice Services), or other information about you that was collected while you browsed the Website, made use of the Third-Party Services or made use of any other services provided by the Company (including the Anonymous Information), to create anonymous statistical data, including generating Averaged Data, Aggregated Data, performance tests or Benchmarks; user preferences, comparisons, recommendations or other calculations, or creating derivative products based on the information provided by you or collected about you, whether combined with information received from third parties or otherwise (said actions and their products being jointly termed “Statistical Data”). 

14.1.10. Without derogating from the foregoing, it is clarified that the Statistical Data is the sole property of the Company, and that it owns all rights, including copyrights and intellectual property rights, in respect of the Statistical Information. The Company shall hold an unlimited right to use, update, alter, improve, sell, lease, create derivatives of or make any other use of the Statistical Data, without being required to give notice or bear any other duty or liability toward you. 

14.1.11. To avoid any doubt, you hereby assign all rights in the Statistical Data to the Company, and hereby waive any right in the Statistical Information or any claim in connection with the use thereof.

 14.1.12. The Company shall not be considered as infringing a privacy obligation under the Privacy Protection Law, 5741- 1981, or infringing the privacy of a User in respect of any information, as defined in the Computers Law, 5755- 1995, which may identify or trace a User by others, and which arises from use of electronic communications means in general and computer communications in particular.

14.1.13. Users who wish not to receive messages via direct mail will notify of this in writing on the Company's Website or through the removal mechanism found in any mail, in which case the Company will act within a reasonable time in accordance with the instructions given to it.

14.1.14.In cases that are not under control or which are due to force majeure, the Company shall not be liable for any damage of any type, indirect or direct, caused to the User or anyone acting on his behalf, if information is lost or accessed by a hostile party or used without authorization.

14.1.15. The Company undertakes not to use the details of the Users registered on the Website, except for the purposes of operating the Website only, and in order to facilitate the execution of the order and the transfer of information to the User.

14.1.16. You may at any time review, edit and delete the information about you as it is stored in the company's database. In order to delete the information, you must contact the company using one of the ways listed in this document in section 16.

15. General

15.1. The User is not entitled to transfer or assign his rights or obligations under any contract, in full or in part. All notices sent by the User to the Company shall be in writing and they shall be addressed to the address written at the end of this document. 

15.2. The Company may send you e-mail messages or notices to the residential address you gave us when placing an order.

15.3. These Terms and Conditions may not be modified without express written permission of the Company. In the event that the Company does not act to enforce any right given to it, this does not mean a waiver of that right. In the event that it is not possible to enforce any term or provision of these terms and conditions, all other terms and conditions shall remain in effect. Failure to rely on any of the sections of this document at any time shall not mean a waiver of the right to rely on those sections at a later stage.

15.4. The section titles are intended for convenience only and will not be used for interpreting the agreement.

15.5. These general terms of use do not constitute a contract in favor of a third party and do not grant any right to any third party.

16. Making Contact

16.1. The User may send any questions regarding these general terms of use, regarding an order or orders in general, via the customer contact form on the Website or by telephone at 026402067. It is also possible to write to the Company to the following address:  contact@jacadi.co.il